The platform that will offer real solutions to elevate the climate impact of Hemp.

It is our mission to build the intersection of Carbon Removal Markets and Industrial Hemp. We have engineered a system that will elevate both the economic opportunities and the Social Impact.

We make your Supply-Chain transparent and your Products visible.


We empower the Hemp Supply-Chain by developing an easy-to-use LCA-Tool that streamlines the Footprint through a dynamic Sankey-Chart in a user-friendly Interface. We specialize in the life-cycle inventory on Hemp and close the current data gap. The Software will be usable by professionals and beginners alike, because we believe the calculation of footprints along the supply-chain should be smooth and easy for everyone.


Improve your Social Responsibility Communications.

Ready for digital product marketing, we will make the Carbon Footprint accessible through a QR-Code-Label on the Product itself and visualize a Product-Landing-Page, offering transparency for the consumer and an opportunity for the producer to communicate the investment in social responsibility.

Understand your Audience.

We will leverage all benefits of digital labelling and deliver User-Metrics of the Product-Landing-Pages. This will allow better understanding of Consumers engagement and provide quantifiable feedback on the Brand and its communications. Insights may be used by Marketing Teams to improve digital marketing strategies and media exposure.

We will assist you to become

Mitigate the Footprint

Once a supply-chain’s footprint is analysed, we offer recommendations to mitigate emissions. Through our affiliate network, we’re going to recommend real solutions to mitigate the Product’s Carbon Footprint - from changing crop parameters like a different genetic variety to switching to renewable energy or the application of biochar.

1. Quantify

2. Transform

3. Guarantee End-usage

4. Get Certified


The crucial difference between Industrial Hemp and other food crops, is the high CO2-Uptake of the straw. Depending on the parameters, this can even be up to two times that of an equivalent area of managed forest. But the straw is often a by-product of food production, whose significant carbon sequestration potential should not be wasted. In the long term, we’re going to use our software to help hemp farming operations coordinate with our affiliates to use their straw to create valuable nature-based Carbon Sinks and redeem financial compensations for the proven climate benefits.

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