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Here's what we do and where we can help to reach climate neutrality:

Every Project is individual.

Depending on the background and sector, we craft projects according to individual needs. We use our framework as a guiding structure that is applicable to varying interest groups.

Carbon Removal Buyers

The circular framework offers numerous valuable co-benefits. Also, the Projects have high Additionality.

Agri-Food Sector

Decarbonise your own supply-chain with us. Hemp is also the ideal catch crop in between other food crops.

Industrial Hemp Supply Chain

Monetise with us what you do for the climate already. We show the path to become a carbon removal supplier.


We help you to reach sustainability goals by providing regional ecosystem regeneration.

Project Planning

Aligned to the needs of the Project partner, we plan the project and bring in our expertise and network to fill all gaps.



We do all calculations and assessment guided by international standards like GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-2.

Carbon Certification

Once the project is sealed and in execution stage, we get everything certified in line with marketplace methodologies and Life-Cycle Assessment (ISO 14044). We also take care to get the high quality CO2 Certificates sold via our affiliates.


Ongoing Supervision

Every project needs ongoing control and monitoring. We ensure that everything runs smooth by providing precision and platform technology.

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