We’re a purpose
driven company.

Sowing now for a greener Future.

When engineering our business, we have always put main focus on the social and environmental impact. What unites us is the drive to change the status quo and deliver real, promising solutions for a grandchild-friendly economy.

About Us

Founded on 20. April 2021, we look back on three years of evaluation on how we can leverage the positive impact of Hemp on a macroeconomic scale. Along the way, many theoretical deep dives, our own test fields in Lower Saxony and countless challenges, we have manifested our knowledge on the intersection of Industrial Hemp and the Carbon Markets. With the help of our network, we have acquired a 360 degree view of agricultural economy and agronomy alike.

Meanwhile, as the first Greentech Startup in Germany that focusses 100% on Industrial Hemp and the subsequent opportunities for the climate, we received the Innofounder Grant for innovative early-stage Startups from the IFB Hamburg and the inherent trust in this promising plant and industry.

The Founders
Tim Künzel & Nando Knodel

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