A farm system design to decarbonise Agriculture.

Powered by Industrial Hemp, Pyrogenic Carbon Capture & Storage, and Environmental Life-Cycle-Assessment. It is our mission to build the intersection of Carbon Removal Markets and the Hemp Sector. We engineered a cradle to cradle system that will elevate both the economic opportunities and the positive Impact.

Hemp Farming

An environmentally friendly and fast-growing crop that yields seed, rich in valuable proteins, inflorescence for medicinal applications, and woody straw with a high carbon content.


Stalk Carbonization

The process of pyrolysis transforms the woody hemp straw into stable carbon with a porous form: Biochar. This charcoal can be enriched with nutrients and used in agriculture. Additionally, pyrolysis generates thermal energy.

Biochar to Soil

When applied back to the soil, the carbon in the biochar mineralises over time and has a durability of 100+ years, with numerous ecological co-benefits. This is how the circle is closed and the irreversible carbon sink guaranteed.


Carbon Removal Certified

Our circular projects deliver high quality and hybrid CO2 Certificates that aid the financial feasibility of every project. The result is the economically viable regeneration of every project ecosystem. This is how every stakeholder becomes a winner, from farmer to consumer.

It is our purpose to create smart solutions for global Goals.

Until 2030 the demands on global resources are gigantic.

2.2 Gigatons Carbon Removal per year

In agricultural and forest land use.

Source: IPCC

78 Million Tons more Oilseed

More plant-based proteins as an alternative to meat.
Source: FAO

14 Million more Hectares Grain

Serving an increasing Population.

Source: FAO

Increasing demand for Bio-based carbon

Moving away from fossils.

Source: nova institute

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